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Ciski Dj

Since 2003, based in Milan, IT

Ciski began learning how to mix electronic music on his first CDJs at only 13 years old. By the time he turned 18, he started playing as an independent resident DJ in the main clubs of Milan. He then moved on from private parties to small events, and later to festivals in Italian squares until he specialized in sports climbing events, and outdoor.

EDM and TECHNO is what he LOVES.

ciski dj climb event 10
ciski dj world cup
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Incoming events 2024

IFSC World Cup Para Arco World Tour La Sportiva® La Sportiva® MeetUp The North Face® - Stabio CH European Cup Orobia 24 Spaghetti boulder Italian campionship 24 roma Boulder Italian cup brixen 24 Italian Cup Orobia Finale4nepal 2k24 Arco ROCKMASTER 24La Sportiva® MeetUp Urbanwall Italian Cup 24 DevaWall Italian Cup 24 crazy center

2023 2020

Olympic qualification roma The North Face® Level24 europeanlead - speed RockMaster® 35th Boulder World Cup IFSC Brixen 23 Italian Championship Forlì 23 European Cup Brixen 23 Italian Cup Orobia Italian Cup Bologna Italian Cup Rome Manga Climbing Spaghetti Finale4Nepal Boulder World Cup Brixen 22 European Cup Brixen 22 Overall Boulder Italian Cup 21 Arco ROCKMASTER Milano climbing EXPO Finale Ligure Best Trick 23-22-21 Climbing Party

2019 2016

MELLOBLOCCO® European Cup IFSC Arco 19 Italian Championship BOULDERPARTY® World youth champion arco Italian Cup x4 Manga Climbing Finale4Nepal Overall Boulder Italian Cup 21 Finale Ligure Best Trick 19

2015 2010

BOULDERPARTY® origin climbing party dj set climbing gym resident summer dj at milan's club alcatraz milano the club milano club 80s milano tropicana milano t-bar merate private events

2010 2003

resident ginger night club australia, perth resident glem bar merate alcatraz milano tropicana milano t-bar merate private events house party


ciski dj redbull
MCE Milano
ciski dj climb event 5
Best Trick Finale Ligure
Private Party
ciski dj climb event 4
ciski dj climb event 8
ciski dj world cup 2
World Cup Brixen '23
ciski dj manga climbing
Climbing Gym Event - Manga Climbing
ciski dj rock master
Arco RockMaster

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